One day at a time

One day at a time



When the text comes in, I am trying to prepare for dinner with friends. A concise one-line let me know that the services I have chartered for customers in the upcoming week might not be available due to different circumstances. The customers have already paid and booked their trip. 

It is not the first time I have been left stranded by the same person, and ultimately I have no power over it. 

Where I live, it’s not easy to find a substitute at the last minute without increased outrageous costs not included in the budget. I am running late from a busy day and need to make it for dinner; at the same time, I think, how will I enjoy the evening with this information in my head?

My mind enters panic mode; I feel that while things should work in one direction, I am taking one step forward and two back. I turn to my husband and say, “the hassle makes me want to quit this, no matter how amazing it is.”

One day at a time.

I already have the dress on; I reach the back of my closet where all my little pieces hang from a tie holder and pick a couple of bracelets. Purple, I think purple will work great with this dress. I haven’t worn it in a while and quickly check the little tag hanging from it.

“One day at the time” is engraved in it. I stop in my tracks. It feels like the universe has felt my energy dispersing in the incorrect amount and direction and sent me a little yet powerful reminder.

One day at a time, I repeat to myself; I finish dressing and donning that particular message, one day at the time. Now it’s time to celebrate the friendship with my friends and enjoy our connection. Now is the time to smile at my husband and lower my energy to not stress those around me. One day at a time.

As I collect the final items for the evening, purse, phone, and cover for the chill of the night, I gather my thoughts, deepen my breath and focus on solutions.

I quickly scan my options; tomorrow, not tonight, I will reach out to them and line up a backup plan. One day at a time because that is all we are given. Someone once told me that worrying is like being on a stationary bike; it gives us something to do but takes us nowhere.

Yet, with all my experience and improvements, I sometimes get caught up in the moment; when my patience fails, my negative thoughts win, and my temper soars. It’s normal. Emotions are part of being human. They might be positive or negative, but they still compose us. The key is to ride their waves without letting them drown us. One day at a time because that is all we have. 

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