Meet the Designer: Szilvia Gogh

Szilvia Gogh

Szilvia’s life is about creativity, inspiration, travel, and gratitude.

Empowerment through jewelry has always been a key for Szilvia Gogh. It's about being confident in your skin. The individually crafted pieces reflect her journey in life. 

Szilvia Gogh is a Renaissance Women. She has accomplished many things before 40 that most people do not do in a lifetime. She travels the world and makes a living from her passions. 

In 2016, Szilvia was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame, and was the youngest woman in the world ever to join the elite group of instructor trainers as a PADI Course Director. As an Ambassador of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, she has been teaching SCUBA diving for over two decades in Malta, the UK, Thailand, and now in California. Between PADI America, PADI Asia, PADI International, EFR, and DAN she has issued over 1300 certifications from beginner to instructor level.

In 2003 Szilvia started her own company, Miss Scuba was designed to bring together women from all over the world who share enthusiasm about diving, travel, and adventure. Miss Scuba is a culture of its own: an expression of free will, untamed souls, a rebellion against mediocrity, and the yearning for finding adventure and excitement in life.

Szilvia currently lives in Los Angeles, California and offers private instruction for those who want the best training available. She has worked with celebrities and taught LAPD Underwater Dive Team leaders, Fire Fighters and LA Sheriffs.

Szilvia also works in front of and behind the camera as an adventure show host, and stunt woman on photo shoots and some of the biggest movies and TV shows. Working behind the scenes, she provides water safety and trains talent to breath underwater.

Szilvia takes great pride in designing and creating unique, one of a kind jewelry inspired by the ocean and creatures living in it for her Gogh Jewelry Design. Each handcrafted piece reflects her sense of mystery and individuality, and beckons the free spirit in every self-made woman.

Szilvia openly shares her personal story of being a breast cancer survivor through feature stories and short films. 

Szilvia Gogh has incredible passion and drive and these are what motivate her to pay it forward. She is an active volunteer with the A Chance for Children Foundation and works with “at-risk” youth in Los Angeles. Not once or twice, but Szilvia has volunteered regularly for the past 15 years. She recruits others and encourages them to come on board to help out and share her passion. She does this not only in the water but in classrooms and at career days, hopefully inspiring these kids to reach for their dreams every day as she does.

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