Hand-Stamped Jewelry

Every piece of Gogh Jewelry is a reflection of free will, love for life and the experiences we face.

Szilvia Gogh creating jewelryEach necklace, bracelet or set of earrings is made of pieces of the earth that I find during my travels.

I put my heart and soul into my creations in the hope that they make you feel beautiful and empowered!

If you are expecting machine perfect items, Gogh Jewelry Design is not for you.

If you cherish spiritual, handmade, unique, and meaningful pieces, you came to the right place! 

I stamp each pendant, we set every stone, and we assemble each piece individually by hand. Because of this, letters may not be perfectly aligned, perfectly centered or perfectly spaced. 

After all, we are humans. Not a machine. Pieces will vary and should not be seen as an imperfection. It all adds to the organic handmade look of the piece.

They are all one of a kind pieces, just like us individuals. They are all perfectly imperfect! Just like us ;-)

Proudly Made with Love in Los Angeles, California.