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About Gogh Jewelry Design

Jewelry is not only beautiful it can say something too -- something empowering, healing, and grounding. With that in mind, Szilvia Gogh has transformed nature's most basic elements into a unique line of stunning pieces meant to celebrate life and the world around us.

Stuntwoman, Professional SCUBA Diver, Jewelry Designer, and Yogi, Szilvia Gogh celebrates the natural and empowers the individual. The artist’s extensive diving travels combined with her studies at the prestigious Budapest Art Institute come together to create a beautiful mélange of natural tranquility and style with a subtle European flavor. Each hand-crafted piece reflects the Szilvia’s sense of mystery and individuality, and beckons to the free spirit in every self-made woman.

Szilvia weaves her passions by collecting during her travels. Szilvia curates unique items: turquoise while filming near the Red Sea; shark teeth while diving the extreme waters of South Africa; mala beads found in Nepal while trekking Annapurna and practicing yoga in the Himalayas.

Szilvia started crafting jewelry in her late teens out of frustration for the lack of silver jewelry for adventure-hungry travelers. She combines her precious treasures with silver and gold and transforms them into meaningful accessories that nourish the mind, body, and soul.

If you are expecting machine perfect items, Gogh Jewelry Design is not for you. If you cherish spiritual, hand-made, unique, and meaningful pieces, you came to the right place! We stamp each pendant, we set every stone, and we assemble each piece individually by hand. 

Proudly Made with Love in Los Angeles, California.

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