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  • Best Seller:

    Enjoy the Journey Turquoise Wrap Bracelet

  • I Choose Happiness

    Visualization Bracelet & Labradorite Wrap Combo

  • Affirmation Wrap Bracelet

    Acceptance doesn’t mean not to strive to be greater.

  • Never Give Up

    Inspirational Jewelry

  • Award Winner: Mermaid Soul Wrap Bracelet

    I believe that I'm spiritually connected to the ocean. I have a Mermaid Soul, I am a Mermaid Women.

Empowerment through jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry inspires two types of value. There’s the monetary value expensive diamonds and gems provide. The second type of value is sentimental. A piece of jewelry that has meaning and purpose can offer more value than opulence. For jewelry designer Szilvia Gogh, pieces can be beautiful and say something too. This is the philosophy you’ll find within the collections of Gogh Jewelry Design.

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