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Welcome to Gogh Jewelry Design

Welcome to Gogh Jewelry Design

Hi, I’m Szilvia Gogh, founder of Gogh Jewelry Design. I’m a professional SCUBA diver, stuntwoman, yogi, cancer survivor and mom. I started my jewelry design business 25 years ago because I love beautiful things, but as an active woman, I couldn’t find any silver jewelry inspired by the sea, that was both meaningful and functional - so I started creating jewelry myself. I wanted to wear jewelry that reflects my passion for the ocean, my love for travel and jewelry that keeps my positive outlook on life. Wear jewelry that help focus your intentions!

Where do I Work? Visit My Garden Office!

Gogh Jewelry Design Box

Express yourself with jewelry that speaks to your passions and brings beauty to your life!⁠

My individually crafted jewelry is simple, yet elegant with uplifting messages and healing gemstones, meant to be worn every day and made to last a lifetime. Every piece of Gogh jewelry is a reflection of free will, love for life and the experiences we face. Each necklace, bracelet or set of earrings is made of pieces of the earth that I find during my travels. I put my heart and soul into my creations in the hope that they make you feel beautiful and empowered.

My Mission: Empowering and Inspiring Through Jewelry

Wear some creativity while helping children explore theirs!

Gogh Jewelry Design is a unique line of stunning jewelry made from nature’s most basic elements that inspires, gives back and celebrates life.

If the unique design of this jewelry doesn’t evoke these feelings, perhaps their purpose will. One percent of all Gogh Jewelry Design sales go to support projects by funding beads and jewelry making supplies for disadvantaged kids in gang influenced areas in Los Angeles.

Bracelet Club

Bracelet Club

The Connect with Mother Earth Wrap Club is designed to be a ritual to gain crystal wisdom and empowerment in the form of one wrap bracelet a month.

Live Life Happy

✨My source desire: to be happy in my own skin and help others find long lasting happiness too.✨

My friends and family were always skeptical when I shared my visions and dreams about traveling the world and making a living of my passions: scuba diving and creating jewelry. I didn’t want to end up like most people around me. They also had amazing dreams and visions, but ended up living in “reality.”

I did not want my potentials and opportunities pass me by. My source desire is to be happy in my own skin. I believe that living out our dreams is the key to long lasting happiness. And at the end of the day, we all want to live happy – even during a pandemic 😉

Manifest the life you want to live!

Manifestation Box

This monthly subscription box is for everyone who wants to manifest living happy and was born of the desire to spread positivity and aid conscious living.

This is a crystal subscription box, jewelry subscription box, holistic subscription box, inspirational subscription box, and even a self-help subscription box all-in-one!

Previous Manifestation Boxes:

My commitment to Sustainability

Sustainable jewelry inspired by the Sea

Sustainable fashion is possible when artisans consider closing the waste loop. I am committed diverting as much waste as possible from ending up in landfills by sourcing materials locally to decrease their ecological footprint. By creating jewelry from usually discarded bits of rubber and plastic, I feel like I am making a small but significant step towards a cleaner and healthier world. And by sourcing my materials locally or when I am already traveling, I can reduce the number of fossil fuels used to get them to my studio. 

I choose to package my jewelry designs in Earth friendly canvas bags and paper.

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