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  • Serenity Labradorite Prayer Bracelet Necklace Combo

    for a Positive Mindfulness Change in Your Life

  • Best Seller - Enjoy the Journey Wrap Bracelet

    Be present wherever you are in your life and in the world. Enjoy every moment of your journey!

  • Inspirational Dog Tag Quote Necklace

    We all need a little Empowerment, Motivation and a Little Push.

  • I am a Mermaid at Heart

    Miss Scuba Never Hold Your Breath Necklace with a Mermaid

  • Serenity Collection

    Super soft leather & healing gemstones

Jewelry is not only beautiful, it can say something, too;

...something empowering, healing and grounding. With that in mind, Szilvia Gogh designed a unique line of pieces where nature's most basic elements are transformed into stunning accessories meant to celebrate life and the world around us. 

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