Gogh Jewelry Design

Hi, I’m Szilvia Gogh, founder of Gogh Jewelry Design. I’m a professional SCUBA diver, stuntwoman, yogi, cancer survivor and mom. I started my jewelry design business 20 years ago because I love beautiful things, but as an active woman, I couldn’t find any silver jewelry inspired by the sea, that was both meaningful and functional - so I started creating jewelry myself. I wanted to wear jewelry that reflects my passion for the ocean, my love for travel and jewelry that keeps my positive outlook on life.

Empowerment through jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry inspires two types of value. There’s the monetary value expensive diamonds and gems provide. The second type of value is sentimental. A piece of jewelry that has meaning and purpose can offer more value than opulence. For jewelry designer, scuba diver, stuntwoman, yogi and cancer survivor - Szilvia Gogh, pieces can be beautiful and say something too. This is the philosophy you’ll find within the collections of Gogh Jewelry Design. See My Story ->

My Intentions for Healing Jewelry

My individually crafted jewelry is simple, yet elegant with uplifting messages and healing gemstones, meant to be worn every day and made to last a lifetime. Wear your jewelry as your daily reminder, affirmation, and inspiration. I choose the crystals and metals I use for crafting my healing bracelets for depression, anxiety and positivity with the highest intentions for mindfulness. I perform a ceremony, a way of cleansing and honoring the Crystal and Mother Earth. I clean each piece of jewelry with sage, smudge them, if needed bath them in ocean water and energize them with the power of the Sun or the Moon - depending on what energy your individual piece is calling for.

It's a new world we live in, surrounded with uncertainty.

It's time to focus our intentions for the future. Many of my jewelry designs have mantras and words that have helped me focus my intentions. I use these mantras in my yoga practice or when I meditate. Setting intentions is not as easy as making resolutions. We all want to exercise more or eat healthily or save money more effectively. But setting intentions will help us achieve our goals and resolutions by focusing our energy on our innermost self. 

Check out my blog to learn how I set my intentions HERE

Wear some creativity while helping children explore theirs!

Gogh Jewelry Design is a unique line of stunning jewelry made from nature’s most basic elements that inspires, gives back and celebrates life.

If the unique design of this jewelry doesn’t evoke these feelings, perhaps their purpose will. One percent of all Gogh Jewelry Design sales go to support projects by funding beads and jewelry making supplies for disadvantaged kids in gang influenced areas in Los Angeles.

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Sustainable jewelry inspired by the sea

Sustainable fashion is possible when artisans consider closing the waste loop. I am committed diverting as much waste as possible from ending up in landfills by sourcing materials locally to decrease their ecological footprint. By creating jewelry from usually discarded bits of rubber and plastic, I feel like I am making a small but significant step towards a cleaner and healthier world. And by sourcing my materials locally or when I am already traveling, I can reduce the number of fossil fuels used to get them to my studio. 

I choose to package my jewelry designs in Earth friendly canvas bags.

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I have circled the globe, and as a world citizen I believe that giving back is paramount.

I realize that social sustainability is just as important as environmental sustainability, which is why my jewelry making supports many charitable organizations. I donate part of my proceeds to several charities such as a Chance for Children, Dive into the Pink, Women Divers Hall of Fame Scholarship Foundation, and Yoga beyond Borders.