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Dawn Rubick - I call myself a Titanium Mermaid and I think that fits pretty well. Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, I somehow had a terrible fear of the water. I thought about it and decided that I did not want to carry the burden of that fear with me any longer. Standing up tall I proclaimed that I would be victorious! How hard could it really be? Victories sometimes come in very tiny pieces. Mine took 7 years and started with being able to get into a pool. Getting to snorkeling, IN THE OCEAN, was a huge accomplishment! Finally, after a lot of time, courage, tears, encouragement, and a whole lot of remembering to breathe, I got to scuba diving. As a birthday gift my husband bought me PADI diving lessons and a trip to Cozumel for our open water certification tests and a vacation. This was IT! I DID IT! It was scary and amazing.  

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Cristina Zenato - A professional diver since 1994, Cristina’s shares a combined passion for the ocean, sharks and caves through her work of exploration, education and conservation. A shark ambassador, she works with sharks in the wild and is known for the special relationship she has with them. Her work has reached places and helped change people’s perception of sharks like China and Singapore. In the Bahamas she has been the initial promoter of a campaign that resulted in the protection of sharks since 2011. 

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Mermaid LindenWith a BA in Film and ​​Environmental Science (underwater cinematography) from Emerson College in Boston, Linden shares the life aquatic with others vi​a​  Mermaid Minute, her educational ocean web series for kids. She loves to​ "edutain" young viewers about animals and ocean life. Her passion is reaching as many children as possible with her message of ​ocean ​conservation, education and exploration thereby transforming them into our world's youngest ​aquatic​  ambassadors. 

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Aria Morgan - I believe that Life is full of surprises, large and small, and sometimes, the most abundant bounty comes in the most unexpected form. As a young immigrant to the United States, I was teased for being a Russian Commie and ostracized for the weird food I ate and clothes I wore. My shining light was the fact that my parents pushed me to study hard and do well in school and because I played classical piano, very well. While prepping to take the entrance exams for Julliard, Life handed me yet another surprise. It was my 14th birthday and I was walking through a crosswalk near my high school when a Suburban hit me at 50mph. The impact fractured and shattered the left side of my body and nearly killed me. I spent over a year in and out of the hospital, through many surgeries and various forms of rehab, including living n a complete body cast for 6 months. During that year, I realized that I never wanted to be a concert pianist and simply gave up that goal. I also realized that Life was a gift. To see, to hear, to think, to feel, to walk — these things that we take for granted, are a miracle. I began to see everything through a brighter lens and shared my Joy through my work. Read more about what motivates Aria HERE

Amy Johnson - Along with teaching Yoga, Pilates, Cycle, and Core and Strength Conditioning at local gyms she also has her own private services where she gives personal in-home instruction, deeming herself as The YOGettA because she truly is a go-getter.

Amy would say the real reward is seeing her students' lives change and awaken to receive their full potential- like she has!

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