My Mission: Empowering and Inspiring Through Jewelry

I believe that everyone deserves to live life happy - and I'm on a mission to make that happen through my jewelry.

For over 20 years, I've been working with the A Chance for Children Foundation, volunteering my time and bringing beads and charms to underserved communities in Los Angeles. Together with at-risk youth, we create jewelry for holidays and other special occasions, while also talking about life choices and how to turn their passions into a career.

But that's just the beginning. When global emergencies strike, I spring into action to raise funds and provide support. From the War in Ukraine to the Robb Elementary school shooting to the Turkey-Syria Earthquake, I'm committed to doing my part to make the world a better place. Your purchase helped me donate to: National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, Scleroderma Walk, Dive into Pink Cancer Foundation, Celebrate Sobriety, People of the Water and many more causes. 

My commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness extends beyond my charitable work. In fact, I run a sustainable, eco-friendly shop in California, where I create all of my jewelry by hand.

Every piece I make is ethically sourced, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and sustainable. And while I sometimes hire friends and family to help me out, I'm a one-woman show when it comes to designing, creating, photographing, uploading to the web, marketing, shipping, and providing customer service.

But what really sets my jewelry apart is the way I showcase it. Rather than using models or staged photo shoots, I photograph my pieces on real people - my friends and family - while we're out enjoying life. Whether we're on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or scuba diving somewhere exotic, my jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed by people who are truly living life happy.

In short, my mission is to empower and inspire people to live their best lives through my jewelry. Whether you're looking for a statement piece to wear on a special occasion, a daily reminder to stay mindful and present, or a meaningful gift for someone you love, I'm confident that you'll find something that speaks to your soul in my collection.

Thank you for supporting my mission, and for helping to make the world a happier, more beautiful place. Stay strong, stay positive, Szilvia Gogh.


My mission is to Give Back

Gogh Jewelry Design supports A Chance for Children
1% off all Gogh Jewelry Design sales go to support my projects by funding beads and jewelry making supplies. This enables children to explore their creativity in a warm and encouraging space as they design their very own pieces either to wear with pride or to be given as gifts to their loved ones -- things they might not be able to afford to buy. 

As a Hollywood stunt woman, professional scuba instructor and jewelry designer, I have an exciting life.  I get to work on movie sets with actors like Drew Barrymore, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and directors James Cameron, swim with sharks in remote reefs around the world, and I create jewelry with natural stones and crystals that I collect from my many travels.

Yet the activity that pulls at my heart strings the most is working with at-risk youth in Los Angeles…

Did you know that gangs start recruiting kids as young as 7 years old?  Statistics show that as many as fifteen million children worldwide have no place to go after school.  These children are more likely to be victims of crime or to participate in bad behavior. 

The statistics are simply too sad to ignore, so as a jewelry designer and company owner, I have now focused my energies to help those “at risk” youth of the inner-city neighborhoods.  I am getting help through a fantastic non-profit called A Chance for Children Foundation. Together we have been able to help these children overcome their fears and insecurities.  Doing something kind for them fills me with an inner joy that money cannot buy.

Our favorite projects include bringing beads to shelters and schools around Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.  This provides an opportunity for the kids to craft presents for their loved ones for free! 

As a scuba diver, my friends and I have also had the opportunity to introduce dozens of kids to the underwater world and share our love for oceans.

We also talk with them about our lives, telling them stories of our amazing adventures and reinforcing the philosophy evoked by Winston Churchill’s famous words “Never, never, never give up!”   A while ago, inspired by this program, I created several necklaces around that inspiration. 

If you are feeling a pulled to do something that helps the less fortunate, think of how your passion, talent or hobby could create a new experience for others.  The mind is a powerful tool.  Believe in something and it will happen.


Helping these kids overcome their fears and doing something nice for them fills me with warm satisfaction that money can not buy.

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