Align with your Zodiac: Choose the Affirmation for Your Astrological Sign

Tell me your Zodiac and I will tell you the Affirmation you should recite this year!

Knowing which gemstones and affirmations are aligned with your astrological sign can nurture your commitment to balance and healing. The stones and affirmations that are connected with your Zodiac know exactly what you need and can bring their deep healing vibrations into your world.

CAPRICORN Dec 21 to Jan 19

The Capricorn symbol is the sea-goat, which couldn’t be more suited to the personality of the Capricorn sun sign. Goats slowly and steadily climb to the top of the mountain, and that is what Capricorns are all about – they are the most determined sign in the zodiac and are driven by success, never stopping till they reach the top no matter how long it takes. The holistic healing affirmation best suited for Capricorn is "I am content."

I am content affirmation I am content affirmation bracelet

AQUARIUS Jan 20 to Feb 18

Aquarius sun signs are revolutionary, never following the crowd or afraid to try new things. As they set out to pave their own path forward, they move full steam ahead. Don’t get in their way or they might plow right through you. They are unpredictable, rebellious, and original. They are always dreaming of the future, making plans, and they are out to change the world. Their forward thinking is usually well ahead of everyone else, which can lead them to feel like outsiders as they wait for others to catch up. The holistic healing affirmation best suited for Aquarius is "I am free."

I am free affirmation bracelet I am free affirmation bracelet.


PISCES Feb 19 to Mar 20

For people who were born during Pisces, the theme of reflection is present throughout their lives. The Pisces symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions, demonstrating the emotional conflicts they feel inside. They seek harmony between their inner and outer worlds, and because they are highly sensitive, they often withdraw from the outer world into a world of fantasy to escape the difficulties of the outside world. The holistic healing affirmation best suited for Pisces is "I am calm."

I am calm affirmation bracelet I am calm affirmation bracelet

ARIES Mar 21 to Apr 20

Those born in the zodiac of Aries are certainly not afraid to travel into the unknown to try something new. They are driven to come in first place, even if it’s just being first in line. Naturally, they are born leaders, able to lead a team of people to accomplish incredible feats, and they aren’t afraid of a good challenge. The holistic healing affirmation best suited for Aries is "I am brave."

I am brave affirmation bracelet 


TAURUS Apr 21 to May 20

Taurus signs are stubborn. They won’t accept anything less than what they want, and they can have a violent temper if things don’t go their way. On the other hand, they are also patient and are willing to do what it takes to build a solid foundation and then put in the necessary work to bring what they want to fruition. It is symbolized by the Bull because those with the Taurus sun sign are strong-willed and hardworking but quiet. The holistic healing affirmation best suited for Taurus is "I am strong."

I am strong affirmation bracelet I am strong affirmation bracelet


GEMINI May 21 to Jun 20

The Gemini sun sign is represented by the Twins, which explains why Geminis are often said to have split personalities and quick-changing moods. Their dual nature creates a mixture of energies that can often seem conflicting, yet it gives them the ability to see both sides of an argument and easily adapt to their environment like a chameleon; they can be a social butterfly or reserved depending on their settings. The holistic healing affirmation best suited for Gemini is "I am open minded."

I am open minded affirmation bracelet I am open minded affirmation bracelet

CANCER Jun 21 to Jul 22

The energy of Cancer presents many contradictory emotions and behaviors. On the one hand, Cancers are sweet, sympathetic, and patient, but on the other hand, they can be selfish and snappy. Just like the moon brings about changes in mood, Cancers are known for having strong mood changes. It is a water element and is ruled by the moon, both of which make for an emotional personality. These individuals are also notoriously nurturing, generous, and caring. The holistic healing affirmation best suited for Cancer is "I am real."

I am real affirmation bracelet I am real affirmation bracelet

LEO Jul 23 to Aug 23

Leo is represented by the Lion, which is indicative of their strong, courageous nature. Leos are natural leaders who thrive on power and attention. Although their fiery personality can come across as arrogant, egotistical, and self-serving, they have a warm, generous heart. The holistic healing affirmation best suited for Leo is "I am loyal."

I am loyal affirmation bracelet I am loyal affirmation bracelet


VIRGO Aug 24 to Sep 22

Virgos are perfectionists who are impeccable in everything they do, think, and say. They believe they know the best way to make things perfect, and they have the dedication and determination to make it happen. These hardworking problem-solvers will research and study issues in great detail until they find the best solution. The Virgo symbol is a woman carrying a sheaf of wheat, which signifies wisdom. They can be critical of others, but it comes from the heart and from a place of sharing their wisdom. The holistic healing affirmation best suited for Virgo is "I am Nature."

I am nature affirmation bracelet I am nature affirmation bracelet

LIBRA Sept 23 to Oct 23

Libras are charming, elegant and liked by everyone. They love beauty, harmony, and art, and relationships are very important to them. At their best, they are positive, social, calm and peaceful. When they are struggling, they can be impatient, timid, and indecisive. Everything about Libras points to a need to seek balance everywhere. Their symbol is the scales, which represents a balancing of justice and a weighing of decisions. They are natural peace-makers, helping to bring harmony to difficult situations. The holistic healing affirmation best suited for Libra is "I am balanced."

I am balanced affirmation bracelet


SCORPIO Oct 24 to Nov 22

Scorpio is known as the success sign, which is only fitting because they have the passion and drive to accomplish whatever they set their minds to, and they are known for creating transformation. They are creative, intuitive, loyal, and independent, and they make great leaders. The holistic healing affirmation best suited for Scorpio is "I am wise."

I am wise affirmation bracelet I am wise affirmation bracelet


SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 to Dec 20

Sagittarius is probably the most fun out all the sun signs. They are optimistic and open-minded, but they also need independence. They like to party, which can at first make them seem shallow, but in reality, they are very deep. They are highly intellectual, are always on a quest for higher truths, and they long for a deeper understanding of life. While they love to learn, Sagittarians don’t want to just obtain a bunch of knowledge; they also want to experience it. They are philosophical and inspirational. They are also enthusiastic, kind, and loving. They have a big heart and are always there to cheer people up. The holistic healing affirmation best suited for Sagittarius is "I am focused."

I am focused affirmation bracelet I am focused affirmation bracelet

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