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Gogh Jewelry Design was founded by Szilvia Gogh after she completed her goldsmith training in the prestigious Budapest Art Institute, Hungary in 1996.

Why? Szilvia started crafting jewelry in her late teens out of frustration for the lack of silver jewelry for adventure-hungry travelers. She combined her precious treasures with silver and gold and transformed them into meaningful accessories that celebrate adventure, scuba diving and the world in general.

She was always really creative and envisioned what accessories she wanted to wear. She would curate shells, shiny rocks, shark teeth and turquoise during her travels and had a clear vision of how to wear them. Her friends and family admired them and asked her to create one for them as well. So, she started her jewelry business in a very slow organic way. 

The Hungarian native Szilvia traveled the world after completing her studies in Budapest. She lived and thought scuba diving in the Mediterranean Sea in Malta, in England, Thailand and now she resides and rooted in California with her family.

Szilvia Gogh's mission in life is to show people that the tiny world we see around us is not so small after all; as it is full of different cultures, people and opportunities. You just have to venture into the unknown... which makes many so terrified. She inspires people around her through her jewelry as well as a scuba diving instructor and a public speaker. Szilvia is a breast cancer survivor and openly shares her cancer journey.

Our process: Szilvia curates unique items: turquoise while filming near the Red Sea; shark teeth while diving the extreme waters of South Africa; mala beads found in Nepal while trekking Annapurna and practicing yoga in the Himalayas...

Upon her return to California, she transforms these natural treasures into wearable pieces by stringing for bracelets or hanging them on fashionable necklace chains. She is combining them with silver, gold, leather... anything she sees fit during the creating process. Many of our pieces are limited editions, based on the number she curated during her far-away adventures; but there are several jewelry pieces in our collections that we can offer all-year-round as she can recreate them. Each piece of jewelry we sell is Handmade with Love in the USA.

We stamp each pendant, we set every stone, and we assemble each piece individually by hand. Because of this, letters may not be perfectly aligned, perfectly centered or perfectly spaced. After all, we are humans. Not a machine. 
Pieces will vary and should not be seen as an imperfection. It all adds to the organic handmade look of the piece. They are all one of a kind pieces, just like us individuals.

Company Facts: Gogh Jewelry Design, a Gogh LLC business, based in Redondo Beach, California.

Since Szilvia Gogh started creating jewelry for sale in 1996, she found loving homes for over 100,000 unique jewelry pieces to inspire their new owners. Most her customers are repeat customers and her word-of-mouth advertisers that helped Gogh Jewelry Design grow into a success story.

After years of selling jewelry to her circle of friends and family, Szilvia created a website in 2007 to reach a larger population and listed her empowering accessories on sites such as Amazon and Etsy. Her jewelry are sought after and can be found worldwide in spas, yoga studios, hotel gift shops, selected WholeFood stores and in now-so-popular mindfulness Boxes.

Giving Back / VolunteeringSzilvia Gogh has incredible passion and drive and these are what motivate her to pay it forward. She is an active volunteer for the past 15 years with the A Chance for Children Foundation and works with “at-risk” youth in Los Angeles. 

Szilvia introduces kids to the magic of breathing underwater with SCUBA, at career days, and also hosting jewelry making events at their schools. She hopes to inspire these young individuals to reach for their dreams every day as she does.

1% off all Gogh Jewelry Design sales go to support Szilvia’s projects by funding beads and jewelry making supplies. This enables children to explore their creativity in a warm and encouraging space as they design their very own pieces either to wear with pride or to be given as gifts to their loved ones -- things they might not be able to afford to buy.

 Reviews from customers:

"The NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP necklace lifts me up every time I wear it. I LLLOVE Gogh jewelry!!! Especially the inspirational collection. My favorite piece that I own is the NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP! necklace, which lifts me up every time I wear it. I lead a trip last year and to commemorate the trip, each girl got one in the color of crystal of their choice. Szilvia, was nice enough to engrave the backs for me, to this day, I get messages from the girls thanking me for the necklace and how wearing it made them strong when they thought of giving up,” said Quinette Free.

"Beautiful! Looks good but even better - makes me feel good!, " said Nancy Kramer.

"Great customer service.I love my beautiful necklace. I wear it every day and receive many compliments on it. Simple but effective. High quality and unique. Customer service is terrific. I recently broke the chain of my necklace. I contacted Gogh Jewelry designs and they offered to repair for free! Glad to have my necklace back just like new. Refreshing to experience quality merchandise and professional service. Thank you. I have told many friends about Gogh Jewelry Designs!," said Lori Bondhus.

"High quality and beautiful. When I look at it, I have lovely and wonderful thoughts! :) ," said long time customer Mindy Kozel.

 Gogh Jewelry Design featured in magazines.


Gogh Jewelry Design Branding:

Logo (download for print)

Packaging (download for print)

Szilvia Gogh, owner & designer (download for print)

Szilvia Gogh, during her cancer journey (download for print)
Gogh Jewelry Design Serenity Collection
Serenity Collection
(download for print)

Never Give Up Collection
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Breathe Collection
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Labradorite Set  - Serenity Collection
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 Celebrities sporting Gogh Jewelry Design:

Lu Parker KTLA Host Wearing Gogh Jewelry Design Never Give Up Necklace 
Lu Parker KTLA Host Wearing Gogh Jewelry Design Never Give Up Necklace (download for print)
Lu Parker KTLA Host Wearing Gogh Jewelry Design Never Give Up Necklace
Lu Parker KTLA Host Wearing Gogh Jewelry Design Never Give Up Necklace (download for print)
Lu Parker KTLA Host Wearing Gogh Jewelry Design Never Give Up Necklace
Lu Parker KTLA Host Wearing Gogh Jewelry Design Never Give Up Necklace. (download for print)
 Dade2Shelby Athlete wearing Gogh jewelry Design Yoga Necklace
Dade2Shelby, Derick Townsel, Athlete wearing GJD yoga inspired necklace. (download for print)
Cristina Zenato wearing Gogh Jewelry Design ocean inspired jewelry.
Cristina Zenato, Shark Diving Environmental Warrior wearing GJD ocean inspired necklace. (download for print)

Ty Sawyer, Adventure TV show host wearing GJD inspirational dog tag necklace. (download for print)

Holly Robinson Peete rocking GJD on the red carpet. (download for print

Greg Bonann, Baywatch creator wears GJD Never Give Up Dog Tag Necklace.

Szilvia Gogh gets her inspiration from her travels (download for print)


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