Connect with Mother Earth Wrap Club

Connect with Mother Earth Wrap Club


My source desire: to be happy in my own skin and help others find long lasting happiness too.

My friends and family were always skeptical when I shared my visions and dreams about traveling the world and making a living of my passions: scuba diving and creating jewelry. I didn’t want to end up like most people around me. They also had amazing dreams and visions, but ended up living in “reality.”

I did not want my potentials and opportunities pass me by. My source desire is to be happy in my own skin. I believe that living out our dreams is the key to long lasting happiness. And at the end of the day, we all want to live happy – even during a pandemic 😉

My Connect with Mother Earth Wrap Club is designed to be a ritual to gain crystal wisdom and empowerment in the form of one wrap bracelet a month.

Mother Earth Wrap Club Bracelet of the Month

 🌞 Each month you will receive a surprise Healing Crystal Wrap Bracelet (personalized to your wrist size) that is not yet available on the web to work with supportive energies. While you are wearing your jewelry, reflect on your journey to set new intentions that better serve you and Mother Nature. Crystals have the power to transfer thoughts and energy from the human body. Wear crystal jewelry that supports change that comes from within!

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$10 Off Quarterly Plan with code 10OFF + Earn a $25 Gift Card
$20 Off 6 Months Pre-Pay Plan with code 20OFF + Earn a $50 Gift Card
$50 Off 1 Year Pre-Play Plan with code 50OFF + Earn a $100 Gift Card

I prepare and send the wrap bracelet of the month on (or around) the 15th of each month. While supply lasts. If you sign up after the 28th, you will receive next month's practice. 

Earn a gift card!

Ready to Connect with Mother Earth?

Empowering Wrap Bracelet Value: $59 + tax and shipping

Your Price: $33 - $39 / Month (You Choose!) 

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