In life we start over so many times, when we start a new a job, move to a new town, break up…

In life we start over so many times, when we start a new a job, move to a new town, break up…

Starting a new year is no different. As much as facing the unknown can be anxiety ridden, I always look at it as a fresh canvas. We get to choose the colors and what we want to paint. It is exciting 😉

Sometimes knowing what we want to bring into our life is harder than starting with the idea of eliminating what is it that we do not want. I find it more productive.

I’m not much for resolutions, because for me those usually don’t last after the first few enthusiastic weeks off eating healthier, exercising more…

I choose to rather look at the big picture and see myself in a place I want to be doing the things I want to do by the end of the next year. I bring back this picture over and over in my dreams in a way of manifesting it until eventually it becomes reality. It is more of a long term gradual plan rather that the let’s change everything starting tomorrow approach, like that New Year Resolution.

I try to be realistic as I know my limits. I want to set up myself for success, therefore manifest things that are achievable within the time frame I set myself.

Looking back at 2021, I see a year that was filled with unknown variables, making it a really difficult year to plan anything and stay centered. I managed to travel back to Europe for the summer to see my family, but I would lie if I were to say that it was not filled with a lot of unnecessary stress. In the previous years I didn’t have to deal with Covid testing, traveling across half the word wearing a mask that it is super uncomfortable and makes me gag. Not knowing if I can come back to America after my vacation overseas. Not knowing how the rules are changing as I don’t watch much TV. Basically 2021 was a year where we just didn’t have much control of anything in our lives. And I do like to plan things out. I like routines.

I would hope for a different 2022, but I know it’s unrealistic. I’m pretty sure Covid will impact our lives for quite a few years to come. It changes my life as well as yours, whether we like it or not.

It is what it is and we just have to learn to live with it. (Remember the March 2021 Manifestation Box Practice: Adaptability!)  I don’t obsess and read the news a lot. I try and put negative thoughts out of my mind and create my own bubble of happiness that I live in with my family.

I could focus on what is not going to be easy and happy about 2022 to come, but I choose to manifest a year filled with finding balance in my life.

Balance between work and recharging my batteries, between traveling and staying close to home, between worrying and laughing.

I like to start my year creating a Manifestation board. Some call it a vision board or visualization board. I hung it on the wall by my table in my office. That way I look at it every day and remind myself of the things that I chose to focus on for the year.

The first thing I’m going to put on it for year 2022 is a teeter totter balancing swing. I spent too much time working in 2021 to adapt to the ever changing eCommerce, so next year I definitely need to find a way to work less and spend more time with my loved ones. No one ever said at their deathbed that “I wish I worked more” ;-)

My son is growing up so fast, and we only have a few years while he still wants to hang with his parents and thinks that we are cool. Definitely going to invest more time into making memories with him rather than make a few more dollars.

When the pandemic first started, I became an avid gardener, started sprouting and made fresh juice weekly. Somehow by the summer of 2021 I noticed that I am slacking on all my healthy habits.  I just had too much on my to do list again and my own well being did not make the daily cut.

So, the second thing I’m going to put up on my manifestation board is a picture of fresh squeezed juice. I want to eat clean and feel good again. Whether I will make the juice weekly or buy it… Maybe half and half. That balance…

I love traveling, and I miss it’s more than anything that Covid restricted me to do. That never dying Wanderlust in me is just making my itchy feet really itchy.

I’m dying to go to Sri Lanka, so that will be the third picture on my board. Not quite sure how Sri Lanka came to my mind, but it was on my Vision Board last year as well. Since I did not make it there, I will have to push it over to the 2022 Manifestation Board.

I have been tracking the Himalayas in Nepal a few years back. Walking eight hours a day between beautiful mountains, smiling at people as we pass them by, sharing their culture and table… I miss that. Last year was probably my least traveled year internationally since I picked up that backpack many moons ago.

Because we couldn’t fly, we took tons of road trips nearby our hometown. This gave us an opportunity to staycation and explore more of California with its own beautiful mountains and coast line. It give me an opportunity to reawaken my love for SoCal and look at it with a fresh eye. I just remembered why I moved here 20 years ago.

2021 was a tough year with my volunteer work as well. I try to do things for the benefit of others, and for the past almost 20 years (since I live in Los Angeles) I have been taking at-risk youth scuba diving and provided them opportunities to make jewelry through the A Chance for Children Foundation. We had to cancel most our events in 2021 for obvious reasons. One of my favorite things is to watch somebody who I helped bring a smile on their face. Luckily, at least around Christmas, we were able to do that at a few outdoors events we could host for kids that had very little joy in their lives, especially lately.

I found that 2021 was a year of uncertainty, indecisiveness and the lack of stability.

I am a creature of habit and I like to know what will happen next week, next month or next year.

2021 gave me a teaching on letting go of the need to control and wanting to know, plan everything. (Watch out for an upcoming Manifestation Box on the theme) 😉

It was also the year that broth me to sweat lodges and to learn about the Medicine Wheel. I’ve got to spend quite some time with my thoughts while sweating and praying with strangers in a hot tent in the middle of nowhere. It’s a collective where we pray for our loved ones and also for humanity at large.

The organization is called One Earth Family. It is great to realize that we are all connected and our individual success depends on the state of the collective. Grandma Sarah became my Shangri-La and sounding board with her wisdom. If you are in SoCal and want to come with me, let me know! I can send you more info on the Sweat Lodges she hosts.

So, the final thing I’m putting on my visualization board for 2022 is the Medicine Wheel.

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient Indian practice of balance and harmony within the Four Directions. A Healing Journey that can restore Wholeness and Connection to Ourselves and to the World.

So, for the moth of January, I encourage you to look within and create your Fresh Start! I created the tools, you just need to Manifest Your Desires for 2022.


Love, Szilvia

 Manifestation Box for a Fresh Start

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