Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.



Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw

The reality is that most people are living their lives in this way. Whether consciously or unconsciously, most of us are so disconnected from our power, our essence and our spirit that we can end up feeling somewhat lost.

This might explain the feeling of deep emptiness that some of us may have at some point in our lives, without any real explanation. Maybe it comes when we seem to have everything we want on the surface; money, possessions, success, yet we lack fulfillment at the deepest level.

When we feel lost and confused in this way, it is our consciousness attempting to wake us up to the reality of who we TRULY are; divine infinite beings that are powerful beyond measure.

The saddest part is that many people may never listen to this call from spirit. Many of us are so conditioned, so asleep to our own amazing power that the very idea of it is too terrifying. Instead of embracing our divinity we completely block it from entering into our consciousness.

Alternatively, when we are open and receptive to uncovering our fullest potential, we gain a divine opportunity to finally learn the essence of what it truly means to create our life. The path we choose here is what determines the course of our future and affects our ability to truly expand into our greatest possible expression.

The single biggest change we can embrace at this point in our lives is to take radical responsibility for who and where we are RIGHT NOW.

When we say things like “I feel lost” or “I need to find myself” we take ourselves out of an empowered mindset and place ourselves into a position of being affected. This is the essence of the ‘victim mindset’. However, when we choose words like “I am in charge of my path” or “I am transitioning to a strong place of connection with myself” we become way more empowered.

From this place, we become receptive to growth, expansion and the undoing of all of the limited ways of thinking and being we have employed in the past. Taking responsibility for your life in this way takes HUGE amounts of courage.

It may be uncomfortable at times to choose to be the conscious creator of our existence, because it means there is no longer anyone else to blame for the things we don’t like. What is far more uncomfortable though, is living a life way below our potential because we never had the courage to take responsibility for our lives.

You deserve to live your fullest expression, here, today in this body. So don’t waste another moment, get out there and create!

As humans, we have been immensely blessed with various talents. All of us have something special about ourselves but we often do not recognize that.

It is important that as we grow up, we experiment and find what our interests are and where exactly our talent is. In the first phase, it is important that we know ourselves thoroughly, only then can we make a true vision for ourselves.

 All of us have many dreams but knowing oneself helps in deciding which dream to pursue religiously. Life thus is not the pursuit of finding oneself but creating ourselves and constantly driving ourselves to become a better version of ourselves. Finding yourself is only a phase in life and not the entirety of it.

We must have a goal in life – something that we would want to pursue with all our hearts. In this quest, we will find that we need to renew ourselves every now and then. We should thus be proactive enough to rediscover ourselves and create new versions of us so that we are better equipped to chase our dreams.

We should also know how to contribute to society in the best way possible. It should be a motto in life for all of us. To live by this motto, we should also develop ourselves and put our best foot possible.

In this way, we will understand the true worth of life and how we could make a significant impact. Renewing ourselves to become better human beings is a major part of making this significant impact.

So for the month of January, I prepared you tools to get a Fresh Start.

Stay strong, stay positive and wishing you an adventure filled 2022!

Love, Szilvia

 Manifestation Box for a Fresh Start

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