I saw true and genuine kindness

I saw true and genuine kindness


This is Andrea W. You probably don't remember me but you ever so generously gifted me with last month's box and WOW I fell in love!

I want to right away apologize for this novel of an email and tell you I did my best to edit it so it was not so long and boring. There was just so much I wanted to say and so much I wanted you to know and to express. I also apologize if it reads like a lot of nonsense rambling. Like I said, I had a lot to say and it turned out to be much more emotional than I intended. So sorry, but here goes

Your box was a much needed breath of fresh air and an amazing amount of strength, positivity and hope explodes from it!  It felt like you knew me personally and knew my needs at that very moment. It was better than I expected and I was already impressed from looking around your website. Honestly, I was not expecting that much power or energy from a few pieces of jewelry.

When I read your text that you were going to send me a box at no charge I felt like I would pop any second with excitement. When I actually received the box, the amount of energy, care and personal touch that went into it was beyond anything I could have imagined!!!! 

I don’t know what it is and I am sure I sound like a crazy person; but I am just drawn to you and your pieces. I have never felt such an overwhelming need for a material object before. I must say it creeps me out a little (lol!)

With that being said, I am also a firm believer that people and things come into your life for a reason so I feel it necessary to at least explore the pull I have towards you and your jewelry. It almost feels like you were meant to come into my life when you did and you are meant to help me be a better version of myself. I am reading this and I sound crazy but I genuinely feel this.

I am not a materialistic person and to be honest, I have never had the money to buy nice jewelry so that makes me even more curious.

I will get to my point:

Manifestation Box

Mostly I wanted to thank you and let you know that sending me your box was one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me and you will never know how much I appreciate you!!!!

I would like to explain a little why there was such a huge impact on me and why this was so emotional for me.

I have had an extremely rough last 15 years and was shown how mean and cruel this world can be. I had it set in my mind that there is no more kindness in the world and I could only ever count on myself. The whole “Good things happen to good people!” & really the idea of Karma in itself were totally destroyed in my eyes.

The darkness that being homeless on the streets with a serious addiction left on my soul and the battle I fought to rebuild my life and get my kids back with the world blocking every turn and not ever being shown a drop of compassion, constantly being shown this world has no love or hope, no one to help pick us up, no one proud of us for what we have overcome, I had accepted and learned to live with that darkness; then entered you and your beautiful box of hope, love, positivity and strength all wrapped in a perfect package bursting with positive energy screaming at me to believe in myself and a higher, stronger energy. ‍

For the first time in a VERY long time I saw true and genuine kindness. You never met me, had no idea who I was or that I was once what most people consider the trash of the world and without asking or wanting something in return you reignited my hope, love and strength flame that all my trials and tribulations had extinguished during my battle against the world to fix my life. I used all my energy️ on getting better and fixing myself and my life. I didn’t think anything could give me the energy to do anything beyond surviving and staying sober. I was not living, I was surviving. The day I got your box, read your words and put that bracelet on, I felt a flood of energy, positive energy flowing through me like a shot of adrenaline and have been a different person since.

I want to first thank you and let you know what you and your little box of spiritual healing are capable of doing. It may seem like a simple box of pretty jewelry and inspirational stuff to some, but to me it represents everything the world should be… positivity! I needed that burst to be the person I want to be. You gave that to me with a simple gesture of generosity.

I have recently found myself leaning towards a more natural and spiritual way of coping with life's burdens and your box has been something I have been greatly attracted to for awhile but with no job and only a measly weekly $203 unemployment check, a disabled husband and 2 teenagers, I obviously have not been able to fit your box into my list of necessities. 

I am sure you get a lot of people contacting you trying to get FREE boxes or just FREE pieces of jewelry all the time so I apologize now for bothering you with this and will completely understand if you aren't able to accept.

I was hoping we could work something out so I could continue to get your amazing one of a kind boxes. Unfortunately, until I find work I am not in a position financially to subscribe as I lost my job due to COVID and have used up what little savings I had put together since rebuilding my life.

Self Care Ritual with Rose Quartz

I do not want you to think I am mistaking your kindness for weakness or that I am trying to take advantage given what you have already extended but I am hoping you would do some sort of trade with me so I could continue to get one of your boxes. I would be extremely grateful and happy with either one so I of course would leave that up to you.

I have a lot of different skills and am sure I could be of some use to you in some way. I am also more than willing to learn how to do something if you have something in mind. I don't believe I have enough followers or friends that would make you feel like you are benefiting for the route of an Influencer.

I would be more than happy to send you my resume so you could take a look at my experience on a professional level that may benefit you. Anything I can do to help you make a decision, please let me know. I have added my contact info below in case you want to respond.

I think I have taken enough of your time and since I am certain every minute of your day is valuable, I will close this email by simply saying thank you kindly for taking the time to read this. I am deeply thankful  for the gift you have already provided me and I respect whatever decision you make. No matter what, my end goal was to thank you and let you know what you are capable of doing with your box and if you set out to help people, girl, mission accomplished!! You brought my light back!!  If it is in my cards to get your box now, it will happen. If not, once  I get a job it will be the first thing my first check buys! Either way works for me!!

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Wishes & Kindest Regards,


Manifestation Box

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