Good Fortune

Good Fortune is made.


"You are so lucky" are very easy words to utter when observing someone having what we wish we had and receiving the good fortune we feel we deserve. Most people associate luck with a game of chance. And while there is an element of chance, it does not define the game.

While it's true that some people are born with advantages or that events happen outside of our control, we can always do something to build upon what we have. When we open ourselves to new places, practice gratitude, and step outside our routine, we might become lucky.

Being lucky is a reflection of the choices we make. The smallest choices define who we are and the people drawn to us, the environments in which we operate, how we spend our time, and how we see and interpret the world. These characteristics define how the world perceives us and the possibilities that flow from that perception.

We all have great ideas; the real gift is to pick a few things we are good at, enjoy the most, and focus on them. Doing so funnels our efforts into the activities that are most likely to show success and bring more luck.

If we go through life knowing only one Latin phrase, let's make it this: Audentes fortuna iuuat, "fortune favors the bold." Or, for lack of better words, we are the result of the chances we take. We must remember, though, that we will sometimes fail no matter how hard we try. The trick is to overcome the fear of failure and venture outside our comfort zone to find success.

Tracking how we operate will help us understand better our chances of luck. We can start by keeping a journal and creating a small chart of what we have done successfully and which opportunities we followed.

Ultimately luck is made. Positive, productive, hardworking people create an aura of energy around them that attracts fortunate circumstances. To ensure our energy is not wasted, we must keep energy vampires away.

Let's surround ourselves with people of a similar mindset and positive attitude who can bring energy instead of draining it. And let's not forget to not be our own vampires by fostering a positive attitude, dropping our complaining, and embracing the change.


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