Go with the Flow, Be Spontaneous!

Go with the Flow, Be Spontaneous!


When was the last time you said yes to a last-minute invite?

Or the last time you didn’t look at your calendar and decided to go with an impromptu decision about your day?

When we are children, we have the gift of being spontaneous; however, as we grow and become more involved, we forgo spontaneity for planning.

In our technology-heavy society, we constantly have new tools to create busy schedules and rely on them to tell us how well we slept, what to do for the day, how many times to stand up, how many steps to take, and find entertainment without searching. We have calendars leaving no space for anything unplanned, for a surprise.

Research suggests that being too busy can kill our creativity, while a crazy calendar can cause stress and anxiety. The same study indicates that receiving a surprise (a positive one) or letting our day find one can bring us added happiness.

According to coach and mindfulness consultant Alison Callan, “When you have too much of a rigid routine, you can feel constricted. You’re not open to new experiences that don’t align with your plan, even though they could be very enriching.” We have been trained to think we always need to know what to expect, how we should respond to events, and feel about opportunities. We have lost our sense of discovery.

The best way to be spontaneous is to release our attachments and instead understand that life is composed of change. We should learn to let the flow take us to a different place and unique emotional level. It’s time to let go of the anchors and sail with the ease of the river’s current.

Embracing spontaneity allows us to tap into the essence of awe and curiosity. It requires dropping expectations, first about ourselves and then about the world and the people around us.

It can start with clearing part of our daily calendar, allowing us to decide at the last minute what to do, following our instinct, and letting our sense of curiosity take over. It may not come easy at first, but with a bit of work and some time, it will become, after all, more spontaneous.

So, for the August Manifestation Box I prepared you tools to help you go with the flow and be spontaneous this summer.

Stay strong, stay positive! Love, Szilvia


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