Bring in high vibrations - Positive Change

Bring in high vibrations - Positive Change


As I sit under the tree, sheltering away from the summer's heat, I catch a glimpse of a group of children playing in the grass. Among them, a young girl stretches her arms wide and starts running while mimicking a plane's movements. She laughs and calls her mom to watch her while rushing free through the field.

She spins in circles, tips her "wings" from one side to the other, and smiles at the thought that one day she wants to become an airplane pilot. She dreams of flying, commanding any plane, and traveling the world. Her heart is untouched, her dreams real, and her energy positive.

Young children are the best examples we want to learn from on how to bring high vibrations. They are in touch with their hearts and their dreams. They do not possess the ego we develop later in life, and they let their passion lead them.

To bring in high vibrations, we should return to childhood and open our hearts and minds to go after our dreams, try new things, to embrace the unknown with a sense of discovery. We should shed all the labels we have been accumulating daily, the boxes we have accepted around us, and the weight we have been carrying, which becomes heavier and heavier with time.

The more we put ourselves out there, the more opportunities will come, not the other way around. When we refuse to pursue our dreams or follow our hearts, we start putting ourselves down. We start feeling a lack of motivation, joy, and peace. We start going through life looking for that something we think it's missing but we cannot pinpoint. We risk developing frustration, anger, and ultimately guilt for not having done what we wanted to do.

Higher vibrations are brought in by positive emotions, good health, and mental fitness and by hopeful intentions. When we understand that our vibrations add value to this world, we also understand that helping others reach their potential only helps us.

For the Manifestation Box I prepare you tools to help bring you high vibrations. Stay strong, stay positive! Love, Szilvia


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