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" the secret to finding them... is that I have to relax and stop looking, and then they appear, in the corner of my eye."

This blog is actually written by my friend, yoga teacher and Gogh Jewelry Design Brand Ambassador: Aria Morgan. I am sharing it because I love how she can express what we are both feeling.

Sand Dollars & Manifestation:

My daughter and I recently spent time on a small isolated beach, walking, swimming, boogie boarding, and soaking in the sun. Kaia became obsessed with finding "perfect" sand dollars, and by perfect, no cracks or holes. She found barely a few the first day and expressed her frustration to me. By the second and third, she found them quite easily. 

"I discovered the secret to finding them," she happily shared. "I have to relax and stop looking, and then they appear, in the corner of my eye." She smiled widely. "But when I'm looking for them, I don't see them."

Some might call this process Manifesting. And it is.

Others may term it "shifting realities," or "jumping timelines." And it is.

Above all, it is a powerful and amorphously simple act of existing in the present moment, body, mind and spirit.

Mindfulness & Manifestation:

Manifesting, or creating a desired outcome, requires  a state of mindfulness, so we can live in the present moment. 

When we release attachment to outcome, the present moment expands and things appear that are otherwise hidden, in plain sight, just like the perfect sand dollars, in the corner of Kaia's eye.

For most of us, the present moment no longer exists. Time has sped up, slowed down, morphed into nothingness and simultaneously expanded into worlds of possibility existing alongside demons of solitude. We live crammed in digital platforms of glowing screens, fickle appetites and reactionary posts.

Most of us are drowning in information overload, a slave to doomsurfing the nonstop tirade of predictions, projections and protocols. 

Clarity & Non-Attachment:

I seek clarity so thatI I may redefine myself, narrow my focus deeper into what and who I truly wish to be in this lifetime. 

As a yogi, I trust that the wisdom inside all of us guides us into clarity, a belief system that resonates with our soul values and desires. From this space of affirmation of my soul values and desires, I release control of the outcome.

For example, because of this process of release, I no longer have attachment to who someone votes for or what they believe in. Whether the topic is the merits or falsehoods of Plandemic , Trump or Biden does not matter to me as either your friend, teacher, or coach. I trust that you are acting from your place of truth, and your truth does not need to mimic mine in order for us to communicate.

Embracing All Things Possible. Commitment to Process:

Releasing fear enables the space of All Things Possible. Only then may we take actionable steps towards our goals from a space of empowerment.

It is the same philosophy that I offer through the ritual of yoga, a commitment to breath and movement, via a daily (or weekly) committed practice - at the moment online.

I'd love to help you create this ritual of practice, a commitment to your body, mind and spirit. 

You may learn more about Yoga, Virtual Doula Birth Coaching, or Life Coaching sessions with Aria here.


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