One Women Show

I am running a one women show here at Gogh Jewelry Design

I have to be honest, at times I feel overwhelmed and anxious. Being a one women show, I pretty much do everything at Gogh Jewelry Design: I come up with the designs, make them, photograph them, ship them, do the accounting, web design, marketing... I am also a stunt women, a professional scuba diver and a home-schooling mom during the school closures.

Who else is feeling the stress of back-to-school? As much as I adore the time I spend with my kid every day on the beach, running errands and trying to teach him life lessons aside from school work - I could use a break. 

It is especially challenging this year with social distancing and the anxiety around the pandemic, fires and the general uncertainty of our every day life.

Among all the things on my weekly to-do list, my least favorite job hands down is social media.

Even though that I am someone who always see the bright side of everything (even during cancer), most days when I browse social media, I become sad and worried about what my friends and loved ones are going through. So, I don't spend too much time "hanging out" online.

With the times we live in now, I have the opportunity to connect with people whom I have not seen in a long while. One of my scuba diving girlfriend's page kept popping up. I guess, if you look at something and like it, FB keeps showing more of ;her posts -)

Since I love her full hearted smile, ocean loving soul - I asked her to collaborate.

My very talented friend and fellow PADI Course Director Rocio Bunker Produced, shot, modeled for this cool video. I hope you like it and share it! She is super talented, creative and beautiful inside and out.

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