Mermaids and the Divine Feminine

Mermaids and the Divine Feminine

As a scuba diver and instructor, I get inspired by the soothing feminine energies of the ocean and seas, and I think many people feel the same way. Perhaps it reminds us of our time in the womb, or maybe it is the collective consciousness connecting us with earth's time as a water planet. Whatever the reason, I feel connected to the Goddess, and that connection helps me see the divine feminine in myself. 

Why is the divine feminine so important? In one's spiritual journey, using the power of feminine energy allows you to be who you truly are. It gives you the strength to forget about what you should be doing and focus on what you need to be doing. That is why I created a line of mermaid and ocean themed jewelry that will help you connect with your own feminine energy. 

Men and women have both masculine and feminine energies within them, but the feminine energies often get overlooked in a society that prioritizes production, work, and hiding one’s emotions. Connect with the inner Goddess inside you with the powerful symbol of the mermaid in your life!

A Symbol of the Divine Feminine 

Regardless of the story, mermaids are mysterious, sexual beings who are highly empathetic. They feel and express their emotions and desires without holding back. They are powerful, immortal beings that connect the land and the sea, and hold the wisdom of the earth's creation, as it was once covered in water. Due to this, mermaids are a symbol of the spiritual energy of the divine feminine. 

So what does a mermaid soul consist of? Mermaids represent the raw and wild power of female emotions, which are as changing as the sea itself. They can be passionate one moment, and subtle or calm the next. They can also be very introversive, with an ability to see within themselves and call upon the wisdom and memory of the water. They appreciate beauty, in fact they require it, all around them and wish to bring more beauty into the world. Mermaid souls are often seen as free-spirited and do not do well with boundaries.

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Mermaids in Folklore

In many versions of folklore across continents and various religions, mermaids are mysterious, beautiful women who lure men to there deaths, have violent tempers, or are seductive ghosts. Many people have speculated that these tales had the intention of strengthening the patriarchy, using mermaids as an example of the sin and corruption in the hearts of human women. But simultaneously, stories of mermaids who calm the seas and aid sailors on their journeys, or fall in love with men and give up their immortality to be with them, have also occurred. 

But whether out of fear or admiration, the mermaid (and it's various mythological renditions) has been a symbol of mystery and wonder for the greater part of human history. You can often find girls and boys alike playing "mermaid" in their backyard pool or at the beach. There is something free and childlike about the mermaid, not yet confined by the expectations that society places upon adults. That is perhaps why children relate to them and use them to play out their fantasies. Nothing can hold them back, and the open sea of dreams is forever their domain. 

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