I am Enough

Manifestation Box: I am Enough

Written by Cristina Zenato.


Atelophobia is the definition of fear of imperfection, the fear of never being good enough.

The need to be perfect bombards us from every corner of our lives, from social media to TV programs and magazines.

As I navigate through an overload of information, I find examples of perfect skin, perfect bounce back after pregnancy, perfect homes, even perfectly behaving pets.

As we scroll through heavily modified images and small snapshots of posed moments, it becomes tough not to compare, and the thought that we are not good enough surfaces.

It's a silent and long-term killer.

We feel the pressure from family and friends to fulfill particular standards of life and so often of perceived beauty.

We scrutinize each corner of our appearance and struggle to match the proposed standards with our situation.

The fact is that there is only one reality, ours. It's created by our history, by our mistakes and mishaps. We have made them, learned, changed, and now it's time to move forward. We are not bound to our past.

We are free to choose and think differently. We have the power to decide what is best for us, even when others around us judge, whisper, and work to dismantle our foundations. No choice is a wrong one.

We can pursue that high degree or otherwise decide that it's not for us. A few letters before or after our name do not change who we are inside.

When people ask me about my life, I always tell them that life is half choices. We can decide to live one or the other half. We can live a life of independent freedom or create a family, we can live one first then the other, but we cannot have both simultaneously.

Hardly everything comes at one hundred percent. My rule of thumb is to pick the fifty percent that makes my heart beat a little faster and smile a little bigger and live it at a hundred percent of my capacity.

I have decided to live without comparisons, fear of missing out, and primarily first judgment. The day I wake up and no longer be happy with my fifty percent, I will change and create my next destination.

I want to share with you something I wrote a long time ago and still resonates with me:

I am not a perfect girl.

My hair does not always stay in place.

I spill things a lot. I am pretty clumsy, and sometimes I have a broken heart.

My friends and I sometimes fight, and some days, nothing goes right.

But when I think about it and take a step back, I remember how amazing life truly is and that I like being "unperfect" because I am enough.



With Valentines and Galentines and Singles Day this month… I feel it is the perfect time to work on self acceptance and  practice self love. So, for the February Manifestation Box Practice  I provided you with crystals that aid Self-Acceptance. In the month when we celebrate Love, we have to remember to first love ourselves. And that is only possible after we accept ourselves with all the imperfection.

Stay strong, stay positive! Love, Szilvia

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