Zero Waste Necklace with Upcycled Scuba Gear O-rings and Turquoise

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Necklace Length: 16 inch

Zero Waste Necklace for Conscious Eco Living with Upcycled Scuba Gear O-rings and Turquoise. Eco-conscious jewelry for the ocean lovers, surfers, scuba divers and those who value clean living.

We all want clean and safe food, beauty, wellness, and home products that feel great and don't leave a lasting impact on our beautiful Earth and garbage in our oceans. 

"The ocean is a powerful conduit for spiritual energy and life energy, a beautiful ecosystem that speaks to me on many levels. The ocean is my Shangri-la," said Szilvia Gogh, founder and designer at Gogh Jewelry Design.

The ocean represents absolute freedom to me. Outside of space, there is no other place where one can experience weightlessness and truly go with the flow. Once I adjust for neutral buoyancy and my body does not weigh me down, neither the equipment keeps me on the surface – I find myself in a meditative state.

Influenced by those artists and organizations that up-recycle fishing nets into bathing suits and surfboards from ocean trash, it’s natural that I would find ways to reuse SCUBA parts.

I repurpose these normally discarded bits to create pieces both industrial and earthy where the wearers can feel confident that their look and wallet represent not only beauty but zero waste.

Silver Necklace with random O-rings from scuba gear parts and different shapes of Turquoise Howlite.

Handmade with Love in California.