Zero Waste Abalone Necklace with Upcycled Scuba Gear O-rings

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Necklace Length: 16 inch

Zero Waste Necklace with up-recycled SCUBA parts and Abalone pendant from the Pacific Ocean.  Eco-conscious jewelry for the ocean lovers, surfers, scuba divers.

Influenced by those artists and organizations that up-recycle fishing nets into bathing suits and surfboards from ocean trash, it’s natural that Gogh would find ways to reuse SCUBA parts.

Gogh repurposes these normally discarded bits to create pieces both industrial and earthy where the wearers can feel confident that their look and wallet represent not only beauty but zero waste.

Ocean symbolizes love, life, and flow, and Abalone Shell has the energy of the ocean inside. It is also used as an amulet for people who are involved in ocean or water. Abalone Shell is a gemstone with a unique pattern. Many kinds of colors are on the black surface. Abalone reminds us of the beauties of the ocean on a sunny day. The abalone shell is the crown jewel of the Pacific; its iridescent colors are enchanting. Each piece is unique - just like us.

Silver EP Necklace with random gear parts and different shades of Abalone. Abalone charm is about 1/2 inch.

Handmade with Love in California.