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Zen Necklace with Aquamarine Swarowski Crystal

Sterling Silver Zen Necklace with Aquamarine Swarovski Crystal



Sterling Silver Zen Necklace with Aquamarine Swarovski Crystal, 35 Inch.

While you are wearing your crystals as jewelry, the crystal vibrations work continuously on your imbalances. 

Our mindfulness jewelry is also wearable for your day-to-day events. Each piece of yoga jewelry is designed with traditional methods of minding chakras and gemstone healing.

This one-of-a-kind powerful yet feminine sterling silver piece withstand the changes of fashion with timeless beauty and design.  Pairing silver with crystal quartz results in eco-friendly luxury accessories that won’t break the bank.
Combined variety of sterling silver necklaces and Aquamarine Swarovski crystal pendant with separately moving aged silver ring and hand-made "ZEN" charm with river crystal.

Blue is the color of distance - oceans, skies, the heavens. The energy of blue helps us to look beyond the immediate environment, expanding our perceptions towards the unknown. Blue is the color of Divinity. It brings: Peace and understanding, enhances the easy flow of communication with yourself or others, calms and relaxes.

Made with Love in California.

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I love my two new pieces. Both increase mIndfulness and balance, both on and off my mat.

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