Wild and Free: Horse Necklace

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Necklace Length: 16 inch

The "Wild and Free: Horse Necklace" encapsulates the untamed spirit and boundless freedom of horses. Embrace the essence of the wild with this pendant featuring a sterling silver horse gracefully galloping through the mountains. Cosmic energies converge in this pendant as horses draw strength from the earth, the mountains, and the whispers of the spirit winds and stars above.

This pendant pays homage to the deep-rooted reverence cultures across time have held for wild horses. From their unmatched beauty and grace to their unyielding strength and limitless potential, horses have inspired awe and admiration throughout history.

The "Wild and Free: Horse Necklace" not only celebrates the wild and free but also supports a connection that spans cultures and generations. It becomes a cherished piece that carries the energy of the cosmos, the earth, and the spirit winds – an emblem of unbridled potential and the beauty of living life unchained.

Sterling silver necklace and 23x18mm pendant.

With every piece from the Deep Animal Bonds Collection, you're not only celebrating the special connection between humans and animals but also making a difference. A portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting homeless animal shelters, spreading love and hope to our furry friends in need.