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Tiger Eye Grounding Bracelet

Tiger Eye Yoga Inspired Grounding Bracelet

$23.00 $29.00

Wrist Size

Unisex Tiger Eye Yoga Inspired Grounding Bracelet

Think of the qualities of the Tiger.  Patient, focused, determined, alert, with perfect timing and slow, deliberate action.  This is Tiger Eyes gift to you.  A bracelet made with a very strong healing stone.

Promotes balance and strength to get through difficult phases of life; relieves doubt and bestows decision making with vision and clarity. Helps one to be practical.

People who are easily distracted, adults with ADD or who are Manic/Depressive, immature people, procrastinators, people in emotional turmoil, people in transitional states, (all who are in very great NEED of grounding), tend to shy away from this stone, as it grounds them as soon as they are in its presence.

BUT if you feel nervous, anxious, or fearful much of the time, this is a great stone for you.  Especially helpful if you're feeling drained or unfocused. 

The beads are about 0.5 inch in diameter.

Made with Love in California.

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First Time using stones

Loved the quality of the 3 bracelets that I bought.

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