Strength of the Dragon Wrap Bracelet - Gold

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Wrist Size: XS (5 inch wrist)

The fusion of blood red crystals and the dragon's mighty symbolism forms a talismanic piece that not only embodies resilience and empowerment but also channels a free-spirited vibe, connecting you with the earth's energies and inviting a sense of adventurous empowerment into your life's journey.

Comprised of vibrant red crystals, this accessory embodies a daring spirit and unwavering strength. Its approximately 27-inch length offers versatility, allowing you to effortlessly style it as both a captivating wrap bracelet and an elegant necklace.

The fiery hue of the red crystals evokes a powerful sense of courage and determination, making a bold statement wherever it's worn. Its adaptable design enables seamless transitions, adding a touch of versatile sophistication to any look.

The "Strength of the Dragon Wrap Bracelet" is a fusion of powerful symbolism, perfect for the free-spirited soul. Dragons, revered for their strength, wisdom, and courage, embody the essence of resilience and empowerment. In Chinese astrology, 2024 marks the Year of the Dragon, a symbol of good fortune and transformation.

The dragon charm, an embodiment of ancient wisdom and strength, symbolizes protection and empowerment. Crafted delicately in gold-plated brass, this Ancient Coin Dragon Charm adds a touch of mystical allure to the bracelet.

Made with Love in California.