SeaSide Ocean Beach Necklace

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Silver SeaSide Ocean Beach Necklace. Simply cool Bohemian beach jewelry.

"I am the ocean, I wear the ocean. Nothing better than a seaside necklace to always have with me a little part of the ocean. The colours, the silver creatures and the easiness of the necklace remind me of my ocean, the gentle breeze, the surf and sparkling of the waves under the sunshine. It fits perfect on the island on a light shirt or dress as much as over a winter sweater wherever I am in the world," said our Brand Ambassador Cristina Zenato about this necklace.

Sterling Silver Seaside Ocean Charm Necklace. Simply cool Bohemian beach jewelry. Wearing it will make you feel light-hearted and adventure hungry. This necklace will bring out the wild and hippy side of you with all the powerful ocean charms such as a shark tooth, black coral, red coral, turquoise, sea shell from the beach and Tibetean silver starfish, whale, seahorse.  

Approximate finished length 27 Inches. Sterling silver necklaces with turquoise quartz. The first layer is 17 Inch, second layer is 20 Inches. Finished with turquoise quartz, approximate length 27 Inches.  

Handmade with Love in California.