Healing Tube Carnelian Bracelet for Self-Esteem. Best crystal for self esteem

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Wrist Size: XS - 5 inch wrist

Premium Healing Tube Carnelian Bracelet for Self-Esteem. Looking for the best crystals for self esteem? look no further. Carnelian is known as the self-esteem gemstone. 

Carnelian is known as the self-esteem gemstone because it is such a powerful motivator. It helps you to overcome the various parts of your personality that may be holding you back allowing you to step out into the world and claim your destiny.

As a major grounding stone, carnelian helps you to focus on where you are currently at in life and to get you through times of stress so you can concentrate on your confidence. If you happen to become a little loss for words, don’t sweat it, just draw upon the energies of carnelian and allow your inspiration to bloom and your creativity to find solutions. 

This premium natural crystal bracelet is made of hexagon shape Carnelian. The beads on the bracelet are about 6x8 mm Prism Cut Double Point Faceted Round crystals.

Handmade with Love in California.