OHM Mind, Body and Spirit Earrings

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Sterling Silver Yoga and Meditation Inspired OHM Mind, Body and Spirit Earrings

Ohm (or Om) is a very simple sound with a complex meaning. It is the whole universe coalesced into a single word, representing the union of mind, body, and spirit that is at the heart of yoga.

As such Ohm is the basic sound of the universe; so by chanting it we are symbolically and physically tuning in to that sound and acknowledging our connection to all other living beings, nature and the universe.

In addition the vibrations and rhythmic pronunciation also have a physical affect on the body by slowing down the nervous system and calming the mind similar to meditation.

The sterling silver hand crafted Ohm pendant is about 1 inch. It hangs on a sterling silver hook earring with a small crystal. Total length is about 1.5 inch.

Handmade with Love in California.