Ocean Inspired Manta Ray Necklace


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Sterling Silver Ocean Inspired Manta Ray Necklace from the Miss Scuba Jewelry Collection.

Manta rays stands for trust and guidance.  Trust on what you believe is right and that it will guide you to the right path.  Do what you think is right and what will make you happy.  Trust on yourself and yourself alone, if on your way you saw your most respected teacher and advise you to stop, do not listen to him.  Believe on your core values and everything will be just fine.

This piece reflect's the artist's sense of mystery and individuality and beckons the free spirit in every self-made woman. Simply cool beach jewelry. Wearing it will make you feel light hearted and adventure hungry as well. 

Simply cool beach jewelry. Wearing it will make you feel light hearted and adventure hungry.

The sterling silver bead chain necklace features a sterling silver 1 inch pendant.

Handmade with Love.