Meditation Card Set - 10 Best Meditation Cards

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Meditation Card Set - 10 Best Meditation Cards from the Compassionate Living Membership. 

The Compassionate Living subscription box is created to help you live your daily life aligned with Mother Nature and the Universe. We are practicing Mindfulness

Let's  reprogram unconscious belief patterns with positive thoughts that will shape a new reality!

Use these affirmation cards to build positive believes in your mind! That will enable you to create your own reality based on these new, constructive self affirmations. 

Affirmations can change the programming of one's mindset and can also activate the law of attraction. They can help you overcome negative self talk, and they can improve your state of mind body health. You can use positive affirmations to change your thought patterns and habits, and avoid thinking negative thoughts.

Positive affirmations work by doing three things. First, they allow us to maintain a good narrative about ourselves (or self-identity), one that is moral, flexible, and can handle stressful situations. Secondly, keeping our self-identity helps us understand what we value and why. And lastly, these affirmations can change our behaviors because we wish to be as the statements say. 

People everywhere are experiencing the shift. Old systems and structures are weakening and becoming more and more unsustainable. It is time to re-evaluate our believes and let go of those that no longer serve us. The mind is a powerful tool. What you believe is what you bring into your reality.

We are in the Age of the Aquarius, time to awaken the mind, make conscious choices and live a compassionate life in alignment with Mother Nature. This shift is bringing more love, kindness, peace, collaboration and compassion into our lives. This change has to come from within.

This Set includes 10 Meditation Cards.