Luck Comes to Those Who Stay Busy While Waiting - Inspirational Dog Tag Necklace

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Necklace Length: 16 inch

Luck Comes to Those Who Stay Busy While Waiting  - Inspirational Dog Tag Necklace - Sterling Silver Inspirational Dog Tag on Antiqued Black Stainless Steel Necklace. 

Growing up, I was told many times by my parents to work hard, create my own opportunities - if there aren't any right front of me. 

Over the years I did and I still do. I found ways to succeed in unconventional ways and chose paths less traveled. My mantra became: Luck Comes to Those Who Stay Busy While Waiting.

We all need a little Empowerment, Motivation and a Little Push. Wear this necklace as a new age reminder every day you need a little push to get up make your dreams reality. Don't wait for luck to shine upon you! Create your own luck!

The hand stamped dog tag is about 1.5 inch.

Handmade with Love in California