International Women’s Day Style Pack

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Wrist Size: XS - 5 inch Wrist size

Get ready to ignite your inner goddess with our International Women’s Day Style Pack! These pieces are more than just jewelry; they're a vibrant celebration of womanhood! Picture this: delicate butterflies dancing with joy, each adorned with enchanting light blue hues and intricate patterns. They sway with the rhythm of your unstoppable spirit, dangling playfully from your wrist and ears, adding a touch of magic to your every move.

But here's the best part: with every purchase, you're not just adorning yourself with beauty, you're also making a difference. Gogh Jewelry Design will donate 5% to Women for Women International, empowering women and girls in need. It's a movement to support women survivors of war as they stand up for their rights and create change.

So, why wait? Let's join forces, rock these joyful accessories, and spread joy, positivity, and support together! It's time to celebrate the bravery of all women—our friends, our families, ourselves!

Made with love in California.