Inhale - Exhale Necklace with Rutilated Quartz for Self-Discovery

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Necklace Length: 16 inch

Sterling Silver Inhale - Exhale Necklace with Rutilated Quartz for Self-Discovery on a sterling necklace - inspired by my scuba diving, yoga and being a mom.

Paying attention to your breathing is one of the fastest ways to become calm, centered, and energized. The key is to breathe fully, deeply and slowly at intervals throughout the day to help balance your body mind and spirit.  Gogh Jewelry Design's beautiful INHALE EXHALE Necklace will act as a reminder for you to focus on your breath, especially during these challenging times.

Made for those who are just a little too busy, who forget to relax and enjoy the simpler things. After all, you can't stop and smell the roses if you're running out of breath. 

Individually hand stamped sterling silver pendants remind you to Inhale, Exhale and Breathe.

Rutilated Quartz is considered to be the crystal of truth. As such, it can promote self-realization, since self-discovery means finding the inner truth about our own being, purpose and destiny. It helps you accept challenges as it opens new ways to live. Inspires you to leave or remove anything that no longer serves you. A power stone for those who need to make vital decisions. It offers a clear state of mind in which you will be able to analyze properly. Rutilated quartz rebalances and enhances wisdom.

Charms are about 1/2 Inch.

 Handmade with Love in California.