Dragonfly Whispers - Trio Anklet Set

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Anklet Length: 8 inch

Step into a harmonious ensemble of transformation and spiritual connection with the Dragonfly Whispers Combo Anklet Set. This set features three enchanting anklets, each designed to guide you on a journey of growth, intuition, and resilience.

Dragonfly Whispers - Rose Quartz Anklet: Wrap yourself in the soft embrace of love with the Dragonfly Whispers - Rose Quartz Anklet, adorned with delicate 6mm beads of Rose Quartz, radiating with the gentle energy of compassion, tenderness, and healing.

Dragonfly Whispers - Amethyst Anklet: Embark on a journey of spiritual insight with the Dragonfly Whispers - Amethyst Anklet, adorned with serene 6mm beads of Amethyst, exuding the tranquil energy of spiritual connection, intuition, and inner peace.

Dragonfly Whispers - African Turquoise Anklet: Embroider your path with the vibrant hues of growth and transformation with the Dragonfly Whispers - African Turquoise Anklet, adorned with enchanting 6mm beads of African Turquoise, resonating with the energies of growth, evolution, and inner exploration.

This combo anklet set is a symbol of your journey towards self-discovery, inner peace, and empowerment. Wear them together or mix and match to suit your mood, and let the Dragonfly Whispers guide you on a path of transformation and enlightenment with every step you take.

Handmade with Love in California.