Cleansed Aura - Feng Shui Anklet Set

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Anklet Length: 8 inch

Align your chakras  with this Cleansed Aura - Feng Shui Anklet Set to get your vibration high!

Your energy field vibrates and has its own unique resonant frequencies. 
Your personal energy field can be as clear and intentional as the blue sky on a sunny day. Your energy field can be a blessing, attract joy and abundance.

Count your blessings, not your problems. Align your chakras with this Cleansed Aura - Feng Shui Anklet Set that includes the following:

-  Freedom and Courage - Amazonite Anklet

High Vibration - Moonstone Anklet

Mindful Willpower - Onyx Anklet

Soothing Emotions - Amethyst Anklet

Enduring Patience - Tiger Eye Anklet

Adventurous Nature - Turquoise Anklet

Divine Truth - Lapis Lazuli Anklet

Surrounded by Love - Rose Quartz Anklet

Wear these crystal healing anklets and feel the empowering energies every step you take!

The beads are about 6mm. Closes with a sterling silver clasp. 

Handmade with Love in California.