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BREATHE Sterling Silver Necklace with various Charms

BREATHE Yoga Inspired Necklace with Crystals for Chakra Healing


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Sterling Silver BREATHE Necklace with Blue and Clear Crystals. Inspired by my scuba diving, yoga and being a mom.

Sometimes a deep breath is all you need to regroup and re-energize. But for those days when you need a friendly reminder, wear Gogh Jewelry Design's grounding pendant, conveniently etched with the magic word: "BREATHE". Made for those who are just a little too busy, who forget to relax and enjoy the simpler things. After all, you can't stop and smell the roses if you're running out of breath. 

The 1 inch sterling silver charm reminds you to BREATHE. Sterling Silver Necklace with various Charms; a Swarovski Avatgarde Aquamarine crystal, a River Crystal and a blue crystal. 

While you are wearing your crystals as jewelry, the crystal vibrations work continuously on your imbalances. 

Handmade with Love in California.

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