Bohemian Bliss Mandala Earrings

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Wear the "Bohemian Bliss Mandala Earrings" to infuse your look with the vibrant colors of the rainbow and let them be a symbol of your unique, bohemian journey. Embrace the bliss of individuality and express your free spirit with these captivating and harmonious earrings.

The mandala centerpiece is crafted from hypoallergenic stainless steel, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free experience for even the most sensitive ears. The rainbow-colored mandala radiates energy and positivity, reflecting the eclectic and bohemian essence.

Suspended gracefully from multi-colored Rainbow Stainless Steel Fishhook Ear Wires, these earrings sway with every movement, adding an extra dimension to your boho style. The fishhook design adds a playful touch, allowing the mandalas to dance freely, echoing the carefree spirit of the free-spirited wearer.

Our "Bohemian Bliss Mandala Earrings," are a perfect fusion of bohemian spirit and vibrant color. Crafted with care, these earrings are not just an accessory but a celebration of individuality and free-spirited joy.

The super light weight mandala is about 20mm. Total length of earrings are about 1.5 inch.

Made with love in California.