Referral Credits

Refer a Friend and Earn $25

What are Referral Credits?

Referral Credits are $25.00 credit that we apply to your account when you refer NEW customers to Gogh Jewelry Design. This is our way of thanking you for sharing us with your friends. Thanks for spreading the love!

The new customer is also awarded a $5.00 credit on their first order.


How does one let Gogh Jewelry Design know they were referred by another person? 

New customers can simply enter the name of the individual who referred them in the "Order Comments" section of the checkout process. Once we receive the order we will automatically apply the $5.00 credit to the order and create a $25.00 credit to the person who referred us.


How many Referral Credits can I earn?

As many as you can! There is no limit to the referral credits you can earn. We'll add a $25.00 referral credit for each and every NEW customer you refer to Gogh Jewelry Design.

We understand how much your opinion is worth to your friends, and it means a lot to us too. Referral Credits are our way of thanking you for sharing Gogh Jewelry Design as a trusted source of inspirational jewelry.


How do Referral Credits get added to my account?

Remind your friends to tell us you referred them, so you get the $25.00 credit when they place their first order. If it's over the phone, your friends should mention they were referred and give us your name. If they place their first order over the internet, please have them fill in your name in the Comments section at checkout. We'll take care of the rest.

And, tell your friends we'll take $5.00 OFF their first order just for providing your name!


Feel free to call us at 1-323-250-6925 or email if you still have questions after reading this information.