Compassionate Living Membership

Gemstone Jewelry & Tools for a Mindful Lifestyle

A subscription box for everyone who wants to live happy - even during a pandemic. Each monthly practice contains a personalized gemstone bracelet, necklace, a healing crystal, two meditation cards (one to keep / one to gift) and your astrology forecast for the month.

$97 value for as low as $33/ month with FREE Shipping 

Compassionate Living   July Practice:


Are you finding it challenging to be happy during this pandemic?

I found a way to long lasting happiness through compassionate living. It works every time. 

I created the Compassionate Living Membership, so you can do it too! Want in?

Any jeweler can sell you jewelry; few can hand create, from conception to completion, a unique and personal talisman. I specialize in distilling your needs to create stunning handmade jewelry that becomes a reflection of your soul and give you tools to help you live happy - even during a pandemic.

The Compassionate Living Membership is a result of my desire to spread positivity and aid conscious living. This personalized program is created to help you live your daily life happy, aligned with Mother Nature and the Universe.

You can call it a Crystal Subscription Box, Jewelry Subscription Box, Holistic Subscription Box, Inspirational Subscription Box, even a Self-Help Subscription Box ;-)

Compassionate Living July Practice: Authenticity

What is included: 

Each month you will receive a handcrafted gemstone bracelet and necklace  with carefully picked healing crystals based on the energies in the Universe to assist your practice. ($29 + $29 value)

A Healing Crystal, a Gemstone or an Earth Element to meditate with. You can hold it in your palm or keep it under your pillow to enhance your practice. ($9 value)

Your PERSONALIZED Astrology forecast for health, love and happiness based on your Zodiac. ($10 value)

Each month you will receive two powerful affirmation cards to create EMPOWERING BELIEFS and set your mind on compassionate living. Keep one, gift one ($10 value)

+ you will receive a Personal Discount code to save 30% on every purchase at (priceless)

I prepare and send the boxes on (or around) the 1st of each month. While supply lasts. If you sign up after the 15th, you will receive next month's practice. 

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Earn a Gift Card when you sign up!


Ready to live a more Compassionate Life?

Ritual Kit Value: $97

Your Price: $33 - $39 / Month (You Choose!) 

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