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Compassionate Living


Any jeweler can sell you jewelry; few can hand create, from conception to completion, a unique and personal talisman. Artist Szilvia Gogh specializes in distilling clients' needs to create stunning handmade jewelry that becomes a reflection of their souls.

The Compassionate Living Membership is a result of her desire to spread positivity and aid conscious living.


The Compassionate Living subscription box is created to help you live your daily life aligned with Mother Nature and the Universe.

It's a compassionate monthly practice designed for reprogramming unconscious belief patterns with positive thoughts that will shape a new reality. It's paired with crystal energy for supporting your work and an affirmation card with a mantra for the month based on the energies in the universe.

People everywhere are experiencing the shift. Old systems and structures are weakening and becoming more and more unsustainable. It is time to re-evaluate our believes and let go of those that no longer serve us. The mind is a powerful tool. What you believe is what you bring into your reality.

We are in the Age of the Aquarius, time to awaken the mind, make conscious choices and live a compassionate life in alignment with Mother Nature. This shift is bringing more love, kindness, peace, collaboration and compassion into our lives. This change has to come from within.

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: 30 days FREE Trial. Get the 1st Month of Your Compassionate Living Practice on me! 

Your first box will be sent right after you subscribe. Afterwards, I prepare and send the boxes on (or around) the 1st of each month.

An empowering monthly practice


What is included:


 Each month you will receive a gemstone braceletEach month you will receive a crystal necklaceEach month you will receive your astrology forecastEach month you will receive a crystalEach month you will receive an affirmation cardEach month you will receive a discount



Value of $87+ for only $39

Compassionate Living Membership: $39 / Month (You can cancel anytime.) 

By subscribing monthly, you are setting your intention to live a more compassionate life. 

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: 30 days FREE Trial. Get the 1st Month of Your Compassionate Living Practice on me! 

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