Strength of the Dragon Wrap Bracelet - Silver

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Wrist Size: XS (5 inch wrist)

The fusion of bloodstone's courageous energy and the dragon's mighty symbolism forms a talismanic piece that not only embodies resilience and empowerment but also channels a free-spirited vibe, connecting you with the earth's energies and inviting a sense of adventurous empowerment into your life's journey. With each bead, feel the embrace of the dragon's strength, empowering you to embrace challenges with a free-spirited, courageous heart.

The "Strength of the Dragon Wrap Bracelet" is a fusion of powerful symbolism, perfect for the free-spirited soul. Dragons, revered for their strength, wisdom, and courage, embody the essence of resilience and empowerment. In Chinese astrology, 2024 marks the Year of the Dragon, a symbol of good fortune and transformation.

This bracelet, adorned with bloodstone beads, resonates with the spirit of courage and wisdom. Bloodstone, renowned for instilling bravery and selflessness, holds a mystical reputation among warriors, fostering a resilient and altruistic character. Its innate healing properties align with the bracelet's intention, guiding your focus towards renewal amid life's battles.

The dragon charm, an embodiment of ancient wisdom and strength, symbolizes protection and empowerment. Crafted delicately in silver-plated brass, this Ancient Coin Dragon Charm adds a touch of mystical allure to the bracelet.

This versatile accessory spans approximately 27 inches, offering the flexibility to wear it as a wrap bracelet or a necklace. Delicate bloodstone beads, around 4mm in size and delicately strung on silver wire, showcase the stone's inherent strength. Secured with a sterling silver clasp, it ensures both durability and style.

Made with Love in California.