Serenity Collection

This is our most sophisticated collection that celebrates the more mature state of thinking and every self-made men and women.

Wearing these mindfully crafted super soft leather, healing gemstone and precious metal combinations will help you in your journey towards serenity: the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

Individually hand stamped sterling silver and gold filled infinity circles remind you to Inhale, Exhale and Breathe.

We curated extraordinary gemstones, each for its particular healing and chakra properties, including Tanzanite (for Individuality), Prehnite (Unconditional Love), Amethyst (Stress Relief), Moonstone (New Beginnings), Apatite (Humanity), Labradorite (Anxiety) and Ebony Wood (Grounding).

Serenity Jewelry, Silver Inhale Exhale Necklace, Gold Breathe Necklace, Gold Inhale Exhale Necklace, Silver Breathe Necklace...

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Superstars Gift Set ($182 Value)

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