Dolphin Spirit Bracelet

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Wrist Size: XS (5 inch wrist)

Whether you're a beach lover seeking a touch of coastal magic or a spiritual seeker embracing the tranquility of the ocean, the Dolphin Spirit Bracelet is sure to inspire and uplift your soul. Let its soothing energy guide you on your journey of inner exploration and oceanic bliss.

The Dolphin Spirit Bracelet is a harmonious blend of coastal charm and spiritual serenity. At its heart, one gleaming silver dolphin charm gracefully dances, embodying the joy and freedom of the ocean.

Dolphin’s spiritual meaning implies the need to balance between the emotional and rational, the intuitive and practical. Dolphin symbolizes the aspect of our nature that is pure, unconditional love. Dolphin reminds us to be playful and friendly and to not keep our guard up but to use our skills to be protective of those who need it.

Crafted with intention, the bracelet features luminous 10mm Green Moonstone beads, each imbued with the tranquil energy of the sea. As you slip it on, you'll feel a sense of calm wash over you, like the gentle rhythm of waves lapping against the shore.

Green Moonstone is known for its spiritual properties, believed to enhance intuition and promote inner harmony. Combined with the playful energy of the dolphin charm, the Dolphin Spirit Bracelet  becomes a powerful symbol of joy, wisdom, and connection to the natural world.

Made with Love in California.