Dolphin Dance Jewelry Set

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Wrist Size: XS (5 inch wrist)

The Dolphin Dance Jewelry Set is a whimsical fusion of dolphin-inspired charm and carefree sophistication, channeling the jubilant spirit of the sea. As you wear the Dolphin Dance Jewelry Set, you'll feel a connection to the whimsical energy of dolphins and the tranquil serenity of the sea.

At its center is a charming dolphin charm, delicately crafted to portray three dolphins gracefully swimming in a circle, evoking a sense of harmony and unity. It playfully dangles on a vibrant 27-inch-long wrap of bright Turquoise Wrap Bracelet and Aqua Terra Jasper Bracelet.

Dolphin’s spiritual meaning implies the need to balance between the emotional and rational, the intuitive and practical. Dolphin symbolizes the aspect of our nature that is pure, unconditional love. Dolphin reminds us to be playful and friendly and to not keep our guard up but to use our skills to be protective of those who need it.

As you wrap the bracelet around your wrist, the lively Turquoise hue instantly uplifts your spirits, reminiscent of clear tropical waters on a sunny day. Turquoise is renowned for attracting good luck and fortune. Believed to harbor mystical powers, turquoise has been revered for centuries for its capacity to enhance wealth, foster love, and infuse joy into life.

The Bracelet is adorned with 10mm Aqua Terra Jasper beads, the bracelet sparkles with the enchanting colors of the sea and the gentle warmth of sandy shores. Each bead, carefully chosen, boasts a delightful blend of aqua blues, earthy browns, and hints of sandy beige, painting a vivid picture of coastal beauty. Heavy duty stretch bracelet.

The Dolphin Dance Anklet is a beach-inspired treasure that will make every barefoot adventure even more magical! Each Amazonite bead carries the essence of the ocean, with its soothing shades of aqua and hints of sandy beige, creating a mesmerizing accessory that perfectly complements sun-kissed skin and sandy toes.

The Dolphin Dance Earrings are a splash of joy and a reminder of the carefree magic of the ocean. Suspended from high-quality rhodium-plated brass hooks, these earrings promise not just style but also durability. Plus, they're lead and nickel-free, so you can wear them all day without worries.

Wearing the Dolphin Dance Jewelry Set, you'll be swept away by the whimsical energy of dolphins and the serene tranquility of the sea. It's more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of happiness, freedom, and the eternal magic of the ocean.

Made with Love in California.