Rooted in Love: Prehnite Jewelry Set

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Wrist Size: 5 inch wrist - XS

Discover the profound embrace of love and growth with the "Rooted in Love: Prehnite Jewelry Set" This exquisite piece encapsulates the essence of unconditional love and spiritual connection, serving as a reminder of the harmonious dance between the heart and the path to divine energy.

Prehnite, a gemstone renowned for its embodiment of unconditional love, takes center stage in this captivating bracelet. Its connection to the archangel Raphael adds a celestial touch, infusing the wearer with guidance and insight. As the wearer, you'll find yourself attuned to the whispers of divine energy, guided toward inner knowledge and growth.

"Rooted in Love" signifies the interplay between the heart's desires and the unwavering will to do good. Just as Prehnite aligns the heart and the will, this bracelet aligns your intentions with the highest good. As a birthstone for Libra, it symbolizes balance, harmony, and the quest for justice.

The color green, echoing the hues of Prehnite, represents abundance, growth, and harmony. It's a color that aligns perfectly with the gemstone's essence, reminding you of the expansion that love brings.

With individually hammered gold filled clasp and super soft dark brown leather, this bracelet blends sophistication and comfort. The clasp, about 1 inch in size, symbolizes the strength of love that roots us and the elegance that love brings into our lives.

The "Rooted in Love: Prehnite Jewelry Set" is more than just jewelry; it's a tangible reminder of the power of love to connect us, guide us, and lead us toward growth and fulfillment. It carries the energy of the heart, the wisdom of divine connection, and the harmony of embracing your true essence.

 Handmade with Love in California. The necklace is about 35 inch in length.