Radical Self Love Mindset Crystal Grid Set

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The Radical Self Love Mindset Crystal Grid Set is a comprehensive self-care kit that includes healing gemstones, self-care meditation cards, and a handmade roll-up travel case, designed to promote self-love, inner peace, and positive energy



Take your self-care practice to the next level with the Radical Self Love Mindset Crystal Grid Set. This unique set features a collection of high-quality healing gemstones, carefully chosen to promote self-love and inner peace. The set also includes a set of self-care meditation cards to guide your practice and a handmade roll-up travel case for easy storage and transport.

The crystal grid is designed to balance your chakras and promote positive energy flow throughout your body. It includes a beautiful mandala design and features seven gemstones for each chakra: Clear Quartz for the Crown Chakra, Amethyst for the Third Eye Chakra, Sodalite for the Throat Chakra, Green Aventurine for the Heart Chakra, Citrine for the Solar Plexus Chakra, Carnelian for the Sacral Chakra, and Red Jasper for the Root Chakra.

The self-care meditation cards are designed to help you connect with your inner self and cultivate a positive mindset. Each card features a different self-care practice, such as gratitude journaling, affirmations, or deep breathing exercises.

The handmade roll-up travel case makes it easy to take your crystal grid and meditation cards with you wherever you go. It's made with high-quality materials and features a beautiful design that's both functional and stylish.

Whether you're a seasoned crystal user or new to the practice, the Radical Self Love Mindset Crystal Grid Set is the perfect tool for promoting self-love, inner peace, and positive energy in your life.

What is included:

A mix of Gemstone Hearts, Random size and shape Healing Crystals and Self Care Meditation Cards. Total of 26.

26 pocket travel jewelry roll-up organizer

Crystal ID Card with Gemstone Healing Explanation

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Please note that each and every set is different, one-of-a-kind, including the stones and the roll-up organizer ;-)