Healing for Humanity Bracelet

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Wrist Size: XS (5 inch wrist)

This Healing for Humanity Bracelet encourages us to giving back to our community through the healing properties of Red Tiger's Eye gemstone, which promotes balance, strength, and practical decision-making, providing individuals with the clarity and vision to make positive contributions to society.


This Red Tiger Eye Bracelet is a powerful accessory for those seeking balance, strength, and clarity in their lives. Made with the strong healing stone of Tiger Eye, this bracelet is a reminder of the qualities of the tiger - patient, focused, determined, and alert. The slow, deliberate action of the tiger is reflected in the calming and grounding effects of this bracelet.

Red Tiger Eye is known to promote balance and strength, helping individuals get through difficult phases of life with clarity and vision. It relieves doubt and bestows decision making with practicality. This stone is especially helpful for those who experience nervousness, anxiety, or fear often, and who feel drained or unfocused. By wearing this bracelet, one can find a sense of grounding and overcome the challenges of anxiety and depression.

This unisex bracelet is perfect for anyone who seeks to connect with the powerful energies of the tiger and the healing properties of Red Tiger Eye. Wear it during yoga or meditation practice to deepen your connection with the earth and find a sense of inner peace.

The beads are about 8mm. Strung on a heavy duty stretch cord.

Made with Love in California.