Finding Joy - Manifestation Box

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Wrist Size: XS - 5 inch wrist

Necklace Length: 16 inch

Gemstone Jewelry & Tools for a Mindful Lifestyle and to Practice Joy  - Sign up for the Manifestation Box and receive the monthly box of crystal healing and save!

A subscription box for everyone who wants to live happy - even during a pandemic. Each monthly practice contains a personalized gemstone bracelet, necklace, a healing crystal, two meditation cards (one to keep / one to gift) and your astrology forecast for the month.

For the month of August, I prepared you tools to find Joy and Happiness as part of the Manifestation Box.

I know that we all need to make money in order to live in the civilized world. We have mortgages to pay, groceries, clothes, and gadgets to buy.

But, do we really need all that much stuff that we have accumulated?

My short answer is no. At least I don’t.

Living out of a backpack for many years thought me that investing in memories is way more precious treasure than knickknacks that just collect dust eventually.

A cheesy saying comes to my mind: Live your dreams, don’t dream your life!

We are our worst enemy when it comes to prioritizing our happiness. We find excuses such as I don’t have money, I don’t have time… Or simply we just think that we are the only ones who can do our jobs perfect, maybe even being afraid that we are replaced by the time we come back from vacation…

I have a theory ;-) unless you are a brain surgent, your job and chores can wait.

Take a break from your reality and responsibilities to recharge your batteries!

 This box includes the following tools to find joy: 

- A handcrafted African Turquoise and Gray Map Jasper Gemstone Bracelet for Finding Adventures and a Be a Mermaid and Make Waves Necklace.

The carefully picked healing crystals based on the energies in the Universe to assist your practice. ($29 + $29 value)

Pyrite Healing Crystal to meditate with. You can hold it in your palm or keep it under your pillow to enhance your practice. ($9 value)

Your PERSONALIZED Astrology forecast for health, love and happiness based on your Zodiac.

Two powerful affirmation cards to create EMPOWERING BELIEFS and set your mind on compassionate living. Keep one, gift one ($10 value)

+ you will receive a Personal Discount code to save 30% on every purchase at (priceless)