Hamsa - Shielding Hand Keychain with Obsidian

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The "Hamsa - Shielding Hand Keychain" is a unique and captivating accessory that combines spiritual symbolism with a playful touch. Crafted with intention, this keychain features a carefully selected double-pointed Aventurine crystal and a delicately dangling Hamsa hand charm.

The Aventurine crystal, known for its soothing and harmonizing properties, takes center stage in this keychain. Its mesmerizing green hues capture the essence of nature, promoting a sense of calm and tranquility. Aventurine is often associated with healing and protection, making it a perfect choice for this spiritual keychain.

The Hamsa hand, an ancient symbol of protection and warding off negativity, gracefully dangles from the keychain. With intricate detailing, the Hamsa hand charm adds an element of mystique and connection to spiritual traditions. Its presence serves as a reminder of the protective energy that surrounds you as you carry it with you throughout your day.

The combination of the Aventurine crystal's healing properties and the Hamsa hand's protective symbolism creates a harmonious synergy that aligns with both spiritual and playful aspects of life. This Hamsa - Shielding Hand Keychain with Aventurine serves as a tangible representation of your intention to shield yourself from negativity while embracing the joyous and vibrant energy that life has to offer.

Whether attached to your keys, bag, or personal items, the "Hamsa - Shielding Hand Keychain" not only safeguards your belongings but also serves as a constant source of inspiration and positive energy. It's a charming accessory that combines spiritual depth with a lighthearted touch, making it a meaningful addition to your daily journey.

Total length is about 3 inch.