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Relentless Dog Tag Necklace

Sterling Silver Relentless Inspirational Motivational Dog Tag Necklace


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Sterling Silver Relentless Inspirational Dog Tag Necklace

You must be a person who is relentless. Relentless is someone who will not take no for an answer! They try things one way, and if that doesn’t work, they try it another way. But they don’t give up. You, who are about to break beneath the stress of intense struggles, be relentless! Do not quit!

Much more than just beautiful accessory, this inspirational jewelry is very meaningful. While other jewelry genres may be used just for fashion or fun, inspirational jewelry can also hold special meaning for the wearer.

Sterling Silver Inspirational Dog Tag Necklace. The pendant is 1.1 inch.

Handmade with Love in California

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